Employee Spotlight: Melanie Dahlberg – The Heart of Belle Avenue

At BaySpace, our team is the backbone of our operations. They’re the ones who ensure that our facilities not only run smoothly but excel in service and community. Today, we’re thrilled to shine a spotlight on an invaluable member of our team: Melanie Dahlberg, the property manager of our Belle Avenue asset in Central Florida.

Melanie’s association with BaySpace began when we brought the asset under our portfolio, and since then, she has seamlessly blended her profound property insights with our organizational values. Melanie’s unique strength lies in her ability to foster a flourishing business park community, a testament to her deep understanding and commitment. The relationships she has nurtured with our tenants are unparalleled. This synergy isn’t merely transactional; it’s collaborative. Melanie’s rapport has facilitated many genuine relationships with tenants, reflecting the mutual respect and value she brings to the BaySpace family.

A Brief Overview of Belle Avenue
Located at 1255 Belle Ave. in Winter Springs, Florida, Belle Avenue is strategically positioned just a few miles away from downtown Orlando. Its location provides a thriving environment for local business owners. As a testament to its success and Melanie’s unwavering commitment, Belle Avenue holds the title of our current top-performing asset.

Melanie’s knowledge of the property and her skill in building a thriving business park community is exceptional. Thanks to the positive environment she has created many of our tenants provide services that we often use, such as general contracting and lawn care.

What Defines an Outstanding BaySpace Team Member?

Beyond professional prowess, qualities like effective communication, a commitment to community, and an intrinsic desire to go above and beyond define the essence of a BaySpace team member. Melanie exemplifies these attributes, making her not just an employee but a valued pillar of our community.

Why Choose BaySpace?

BaySpace is not just about offering space; it’s about creating an environment where businesses, big or small, can thrive.

  • Security: Ensuring peace of mind with 24/7 access, video surveillance, and nightly security patrols.
  • Common Areas: Spaces designed for collaboration, relaxation, and yes, that all-important coffee break.
  • Climate-Control: Providing optimal working conditions, regardless of the weather outside.

Spread across Florida’s strategic locations, from Medley to Melbourne, BaySpace provides flexibility tailored to startups and businesses. Our units range from 300 to 50,000+ square feet, accommodating various operational demands. Whether you’re in Distribution, Construction, Auto, or more, we’ve got a space for you.

BaySpace, a subsidiary of Basis Industrial, is committed to supporting these businesses by providing affordable, flexible, and functional business spaces in strategic locations. Through its commitment to value, flexibility, and community, BaySpace provides an ideal platform for startups and small businesses to thrive and grow.

To learn more about how BaySpace can support your business, visit bayspace.com or call (786) 206-7992.

About BaySpace and Basis Industrial

BaySpace is the property management arm of Basis Industrial, a vertically integrated real estate owner and operator formed by industry veterans and sponsors Jay Massirman, Stephen Garchik and Daniel Weinstein. Anthony Scavo, COO/president, runs day-to-day activities of the company. Together, they have over 100 years of combined real estate development and management experience. With deep roots in the self-storage and industrial sectors, Basis currently owns over 2.5 million square feet of self-storage and industrial real estate and is scheduled to close another 1 million square feet in 2023. Active markets for Basis include South Florida, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Texas, Boston, Los Angeles, and select urban markets nationwide. In total, sponsors have developed and managed over 13.5 million square feet of real estate assets including self-storage, industrial, retail, office and residential. For more information, visit bayspace.com or basisindustrial.com/.